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Proper Pay is Prerequisite, but a Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

A team member recently published an article on engaging and motivating employees in nonprofits, including how pay fits in. Here's an overview, with a link to the full article.

Issue in Brief

70% of nonprofit employees don’t feel their good work is recognized, according to a recent study. A thoughtful look at for-profit literature suggests that giving recognition can be a powerful way to help motivate colleagues. Praising colleagues for their role in making a difference, specifically, publicly, and frequently, may help us all make more of a difference.

Try It

Almost anyone can recognize others for their good work, and it’s almost always a good time to do it!

  • Staff: call out your peers for their contributions, publicly or personally. You see all the hard work and details better than the boss. CC their manager for extra umph.

  • Managers: applaud employees’ work and help them understand how it fits in. Re-share credit. Almost all the best managers I’ve worked with almost always give most or all of the credit to their staff.

  • Leaders: facilitate a culture of recognition by showing people it’s okay to take pride in their work. Help people overcome the fear that they’ll be perceived as selfish, by tying recognition to impact.

Read more in the full article.

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