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Our Impact

Case Studies

“We had already raised the salaries, but one of our board members wasn't on board with the changes.  I had grown the organization's budget by over 10 times over a couple years, and wanted to keep the staff small but raise salaries, to have a really professional staff.  When we showed him the data, he saw that we were in line with what others were paying and he was on board."

CEO at a fast-growing education nonprofit

“Our chief financial officer wanted a salary that was fully in line with for-profit rates.  The board thought it was too much, but we had just moved our headquarters to a new city and the board wasn't familiar with what salaries should be there.  He ended up leaving the organization, but that saved us a lot of money and we ended up with someone at the right salary."

Head of HR at a mid-sized international organization

Our Commitment to Impact

"There's only one bottom line.  It ought to be impact."
-Kevin Starr, Mulago Foundation

Nonprofit Fair Pay is a social venture.  We designed our report, marketing, and strategy around making a real difference.


For example, we've designed our report to save money for nonprofits, and we only market to those we think genuinely need the report.  We're fully committed to designing our business with impact in mind.  We measure our impact, and change our policies when data shows it will make a difference, regardless of the financial bottom line.

Currently, we survey our customers along 3 dimensions: alignment (did we help leaders agree and move forward, together?), influence (did our report cause salary to be set $5,000 higher or lower, or influence an employment decision?), and savings (how much money did a organizations, leaders, and advisors save vs. alternative?).  We're early in the process.

Impact Review



vs. other reports



leaders who would have left

(we plan to track this)



on salary decisions



from negotiations

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