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Review Executive Salaries
at Your Nonprofit

using Trusted Data from the IRS

Ensure you're in line with IRS regulations on fair and reasonable compensation.

Click here to read our guide on the IRS rules for reasonable pay


Why Nonprofits Choose Our Report


Data you can rely on, from the IRS

  • Data directly from tax filings, via IRS electronic data feeds

  • Based on 140,000+ jobs at 90,000+ nonprofits

  • Most recent data available

  • Updated March 24, 2024


Find the best benchmarks

  • Match any nonprofit and job by org size, positiongendersectorstate, metro area and more

  • Positions: CEO/President, CFO, COO, CIO, VP, Program Director, Administrator, others available upon request

  • Most detailed report of its kind


Priced to beat similar reports

Spotlight on Compliance

The IRS sets requirements for nonprofit compensation.  Nonprofits can lose their 501(c)3 status.  Board members or others can be held personally responsible.  You should:

  • Pay "reasonable compensation" (1)

  • Use "appropriate data" to set compensation (2)

  • Follow a responsible decision making process

Download our Reasonable Compensation Checklist for more information.

Read even more hereOur report can be used to satisfy these requirements, so you can get back to making a difference.

How We Can Help You

For Advisers

HR, tax, and legal professionals

  • Be a source of invaluable insight for one of your client's most critical financial decisions.

  • Protect your clients' 501c3 status.  Protect their leaders from personal excise taxes.

  • Match any client, with the most comprehensive, nationwide data.

  • Advise many clients: license is valid for up to 10 clients readers (multi-reader licenses from competitors can cost up to $1,000).

For Leaders

Board members and CEOs

  • Comply with IRS rules on reasonable compensation

  • Hire and retain top talent

  • Follow best practices with a formal executive pay policy

  • Negotiate fair pay for yourself and others based on the most relevant market data

For Grantmakers

Foundation staff, large donors

  • Understand your grantee markets, so you can ensure grant money is well-spent, and that grantees have what they need to succeed.

  • Compare your grantees to the market. See if they may be spending too much, or if they might need funding to hire or retain strong leadership.

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