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  • Michael Johnston

The 2022 Report is here!

What's New?

Up-to-date data: includes all the most recent data from the IRS for recent filings. We use electronic filings and since more and more nonprofits are filing electronically (all are required to going forward), we have over 140,000 job positions summarized in the latest report.

Improved Data Quality: we found and fixed duplicate data in the IRS published data. This impacted average salaries by less than 3% across the board.

New Data Platform: data is produced on our new backed data platform, including thousands of data elements for nonprofits, as well as private foundations. Contact us for a custom report!

What's Not New?

Still has reliable data from leaders of all kinds of nonprofits, to help you set compensation fairly. Tons of detailed ways of breaking down the data, so you can find the most relevant comparisons. The best prices because we use the most efficient technology.

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