• Michael Johnston

New Version!

What's New?

More job titles: CFO, COO, CIO, Program Director, Administrator

More charts: graphic for overall trends for each sector (NTEE Major code; such as education, health, human services, etc.)

A bunch of stuff to make it easier to read:

  • Text fits better in columns

  • "Activity" is now "Sub-Sector"/"Specific Organization Type" to disambiguate from IRS activity codes

  • Sub-Sector, Specific Organization Type - no need to look 'em up from the IRS NTEE codes anymore

Bug fixes: all links now work correctly, PDF is reliably searchable, and pages are arranged correctly

What's Not New?

Still has reliable data from 70,000+ organizations to help you set compensation. Tons of detailed ways of breaking down the data, so you can find the most relevant comparisons.

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